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    Ultra Gloss®: Black Tape Roll

    by Vvivid
    Original price $42.90 - Original price $88.40
    Original price
    $42.90 - $88.40
    Current price $42.90

    Tape Roll sized vinyl wrap!
    Widths: 0.5″, 1″, 3″, 4″, 6″, 12″
    Finish/Texture: Ultra Gloss®
    Usage: Stripes, Chrome Delete, Automotive Detailing and Exterior & interior applications, cars, vehicles, boats, architectural.
    Conformability: High
    Skill level needed for installation: Low
    Application Method: Dry only!
    Adhesive: Air-release, repositionable, heat & time activated
    Thickness: 3.8 mil / 0.096 mm
    Durability: 5-7 years

    👇 More Product Info...

    • Tape roll vinyl wrap in 6 different widths.
    • Rolls can be used for chrome deletes.
    • Rolls can be used for making racing stripes, Le Mans stripes, chrome deletes and other automotive detailing work.
    • Vinyl wrap film with air release (bubble-free) technology.
    • The superb quality of the glue offers complete repositionability.
    • Vvivid Ultra Gloss® films are rated to last up to 7 years externally and up to 10 years for interior applications.
    • Exterior application longevity depends on sun (UV) exposure and strength. The closer it is to the equator the quicker the vinyl will fade.
    • Colors with lots of red pigment, yellow and light green will also fade quicker than other colors.
    • Nano Air-release for bubble-free install, Ultra-gloss UV topcoat, enhanced self-healing finish.
    • Ideal for vehicle applications, provides a lightweight, economical alternative to paint. Also great for architectural applications indoor & out.
    • Marine safe vinyl wrap film; can be used on interior and exterior parts of boats and other water crafts.
    • Suitable for architectural applications like kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, doors, walls, desks and other furniture.