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    COLORFUSION® PPF Gloss: Nardo Grey

    by Vvivid
    Original price $1,599.00 - Original price $1,599.00
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    $1,599.00 - $1,599.00
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    ColorFusion® PPF combines the durability and protection of Paint Protection Film with the beauty of color change wraps, keeping the color bright & fade resistant twice as long as regular color change films.
    Finish/Texture: Ultra-Gloss with Self-Healing and cap* for shipping/storing protection.
    Application Method: DRY APPLY ONLY - Revolutionary for PPF!!
    ColorFusion® adhesive backing has a micro air-release pattern that expels air bubbles without the need for wet application. This, together with the film’s extreme elasticity, makes easy work of even the most challenging curves.
    Self-Healing: self-healing abilities ensuring your finish looks beautiful 2x longer than other wraps. Surface scratches dissapear under the heat of the sun. Gently apply heat with a heat gun, and watch your ColorFusion® wrap heal from scratches.
    Paint-Safe Adhesive: surface-safe, heat-activated, removable adhesive that won't eat through or dissolve top-coats on your car’s paint.
    Usage: Exterior & interior applications, cars, vehicles, boats, architectural.
    Conformability: Very High
    Skill level needed for installation: Medium - check below for installation before purchase!
    Application Method: Dry only!
    Thickness: 6.5 mil / 0.165 mm
    Durability: up to 10 years
    Warranty: 6 years* click for manufacturer's warranty

    Installation & More Product Info 👇

    Installation tips

    Please note : Cosmetic Gloss PPFs are prone to tack/lift lines if the following measures are not taken. Applying Tack Reducer will help minimize the lift / tack lines as well as doubling up the buffers on the application squeegees.

    Featuring VViViD’s patented ULTRA-GLOSS® finish, which is the closest thing you can get to OEM paint in gloss wraps. This makes the film more difficult to prep/install since every imperfection is magnified. Here are some tips to get the best finish from your Color Fusion® film:

    1. Clay bar: Until now, clay bars have not been necessary for car wraps, but with the dramatic increase in finish clarity, small specs and surface contaminants will show through exponentially. Although still not necessary for the integrity of the wrap, using a clay bar is highly suggested for added surface clarity.

    2. Nano Air-release: Enhances the high-gloss finish, however it may be harder to remove trapped air on large surfaces. It is suggested to apply the film while holding excess material off the surface. This will prevent trapped air and distortions in the in film. In the event of bubbles, press the bubble softly or puncture to let air out.

    3. Cap: The Clear Cap is a protective layer for automotive wraps that keeps them safe from dust, dirt, and scratches during shipping and storage. However, it is extremely important to remove the clear cap when applying the vinyl, as applying heat with the clear cap on may damage the finish.